Topaco d.o.o. was founded in 1990 as the company of the Pavlović family, who still owns it. The founders wanted the company to deal in trading of light sources, which was a dominant activity in the first decade of its work.

Since it was founded, Topaco d.o.o. exclusively represented OSRAM GmbH company on the market of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, i.e Serbia and Montenegro.


Five years later, TOPACO d.o.o. launched production of lighting fitters in the factory in Free Zone Belgrade.


Three years later, TOPACO d.o.o. bought ISKRA, a company founded in 1948, who was a producer and assembler in electrical business, with the headquarters in Zemun, Belgrade. At this time TOPACO d.o.o. moved its production to premises in Ugrinovacka Street, Zemun.


Between 1998 and 2008 TOPACO d.o.o. had 80 employees in the departmants of engeneering, design, production and trade of lighting fittings and light sources. TOPACO d.o.o. was a leader in the lighting business on the markets of Serbia and Montenegro.

In the time TOPACO d.o.o. was a very successful exporter to the markets of EU, Australia, Brazil and countries of The Federation of Independent States, mainly The Russian Federation.



During 2007 TOPACO d.o.o. established cooperation with PHILIPS LIGHTING the lead to delivery of 120.000 pc of CFL saving lamps to company EPS at the end of 2007.

This job has been a millestone project in education of customers of electricity aboud a growing need and importance of energy saving in the field of lighting. EPS delivered those lamps free of charge to a certain number of its customers.


One year later, TOPACO d.o.o. moved the production plant to the factory in Smederevska Palanka.


In the same year, TOPACO d.o.o. sold the production to its long time partner, company FAEBER S.p.A., Uboldo (Milan - Italy).

TOPACO d.o.o. today still leades production in the subordinate company FEABER d.o.o., whose all products are exported to the parent company in Italy.


Beside the lighting business, between 2008 and 2015 the main accent was directed to acquisitions of other companies and working in the field of energy saving and renewable sources of energy.



During 2012 founders decided to separate the company TOPACO SPORT d.o.o. from the parent company TOPACO d.o.o. (TOPACO SPORT d.o.o. os owned by a part of the PAvlovic family).


Since 2015 the main activity in the lighting business is supplying local self-governmants with lightning equiptment for transport routes, pedestrian zones, parks and other urban parts, as well as for facades and other facilities with decorative and fastivity lighting.

In the same time, a special attention is referred to the environmantal preserving consumption by changing relevant lighting fittings and lamps.



TOPACO d.o.o. is menaged today by the second and third generation of the Pavlovic family with a long term dedication to company's development in the field of lighting.

A special care has been given to our people, a well known trade mark of our company from its beginnings, so these are presently employed specialists who are a key factor in our work:
- 5 BA in Economics
- 2 BSc in Electrical Engineering
- 1 BSc in Architecture
- 1 BSc in Construction Engineering
- 1 BA in Law


Beside the stuff directly employed with us and thinks to our lifelong commitment to keep building trustful relationships, we have provided to engage additional necessary resources by the long-term contacts: in the field of law (more respectful attorney-at-law's offices), in designing (more small studios and two bigest designers houses) and in execution of works (line of partners to join us in those jobs where investors demand assembling of the equipment that we deliver).


The most important references of TOPACO d.o.o. between 1990 and 2020 are:

  • Business Building Mostransgas, Moscow
  • NLMK, Lipeck
  • Presidential Palace, Ashkhabad
  • Airport Rosschino, Tyumen
  • Business Centre, Krasnoyarsk
  • Bank, Angarsk
  • Business Centre, Yakutsk
  • Bank, Yekaterinburg
  • Business Centre, Tyumen
  • Sport Centre, Sochi
  • Nalogovaya, Surgut
  • ERC, Sochi
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Belgrade
  • Ministry of Finance, Belgrade
  • Galenika Pharmaceuticals Factory, Belgrade
  • Hemofarm Pharmaceuticals Factory, Vrsac
  • Chocolates Factory Simpo, Vranje
  • Faculty of Machine Engineering, Belgrade
  • Students City, Belgrade
  • Students Cultural Centre, Belgrade
  • Montenegro National Theater, Podgorica
  • Belgrade Arena, Belgrade
  • Sports Hall Hemofarm, Vrsac
  • Assembly of The Republic of Serbia, Belgrade
  • Facades in Karadjordjeva Street, Zadarska Street
  • Facades in Fruskogorska Street, Belgrade
  • Facades in Gospodska Street and Glavna Street, Zemun
  • Facades at Pobeda Square and Magistratski Square, Zemun
  • Decorative lighting of Palace Albania, Belgrade
  • Decorative lighting of Army Palace, Belgrade
  • Decorative lighting of Kolarac Palace, Belgrade
  • Decorative lighting of Philology Faculty, Belgrade
  • Decorative lighting of The Gardos Tower, Zemun
  • Park Toplicin venac, Belgrade
  • Hotel Viceroy, Kopaonik
  • Republich Health Insurance Fund, Belgrade
  • Public Garages of The Parking Service, Belgrade
  • Univerexport, Novi Sad
  • Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Belgrade

These are the records in the field of lighting held by TOPACO d.o.o. on the local market:

the biggest area of an illuminated facility
the greatest number of lighting fittings of the same kind on one illuminated facility
the greatest number of light sources per one delivery

For the period 2020-2025 our main focus in the field of lighting will be in the jobs that have been planned and started, such as: in public lighting, with the accent on electric energy savings (not necessarily based on the ESCO model), several important industrial buildings, ourdoor decorative lighting of the landmark structures, replacement of systems of lighting fittings in some important public facilities for the reason of energy saving. and doing reconstructions and constructions of lighting on sports and healt care buildings.

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